Here We Go

This isn’t my first attempt at a blog. I think there are three factors that have dampened my previous efforts. First, whenever I read something I wrote six months ago, it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I would write it differently now, or maybe my thoughts have changed over time. Second, no one reads anything I write. That’s unsurprising, considering that I’m one of millions of unremarkable writers on the internet. Finally, I usually remain buried in work of some sort, and frequently fail to keep up with writing. Priorities.

Regardless, I’m going to give this another whirl.

I recently earned a dual-major BA in biology and earth science, and I have plans to pursue a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology. I’m deeply interested in plants and insects, their interactions and co-evolution, as well as ecology, paleoecology, evolution, and the history of life on earth. I’m also really into politics, combating denialism and ignorance, and too many other things to list. The title of this blog is what I feel is an appropriate play on the idiom “the time of your life” since I’m fascinated by “the life of time.”


About Jeremy Sell

Science and nature nerd.
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One Response to Here We Go

  1. Inge Piller says:

    Thank you so much for this site! It’s overwhelmingly beautiful and informative. I’m so glad I found it.


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