Maybe he’s just pining

Gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor, Hylidae) resting...or dead...on a raspberry leaf (Rubus sp., Rosaceae). Photographed 09/01/2010 in Palmyra Michigan.

I found this gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor, Hylidae) sitting on a raspberry leaf (Rubus sp., Rosaceae) in my garden one morning.  The frog wasn’t moving.  Despite tapping its back, it didn’t move.  I thought it must have died, but it may have just been pining for the fjords.

When I got home from work later in the day it was gone.  It may have been merely pining and eventually got up and left, or it may have been dead and was eaten by something.


About Jeremy Sell

Science and nature nerd.
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