Random Plant: Cholla cactus

Cholla cacti (Cylindropuntia sp., Cactaceae) photographed 03/10 near Kingman Arizona.

Cholla cacti (Cylindropuntia sp., Cactaceae) are easily recognizable by their cylindrical, branching stems.  I don’t know a lot about cholla (pronounced CHOY-ya), but I know you don’t want to trip over them when stumbling your way across the rocky Sonoran Desert.

You also don’t want to fall on your butt and slide into one when carrying 100 pounds of rocks back down the hill to the van.   I wish I had a picture of that.


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2 Responses to Random Plant: Cholla cactus

  1. Sarah Hanson says:

    One of the cool, and sometimes painful , things about cholla is that many are segmented.`The segments easily detach from the plant and attach themselves to animals (or pants legs, boots or ankles of a passing humans). While this helps to propagate the species, it can be rather annoying / painful. For this reason they are often called jumping cholla as no matter how hard you try to avoid them they seem to “jump” onto your clothes.


  2. Jeremy Sell says:

    Thanks for the additional information!


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