The personalities of cats

I’ll never cease to be amazed by the distinct personalities of domestic cats.  I’ve had quite a few cats in my life; I currently have five, and they’re all as unique as any people you may know.  Here’s a synopsis of them from oldest to youngest:

Zoey photographed 04/25/2008

DOB:  May 2002
Zoey is affectionate and seeks attention.  She likes to hop on my lap to be petted, and dislikes being alone.  She’s tolerant of new cats and dogs, and is usually the first to take a liking to a new pet.  I frequently find her bathing other cats or loving on my rabbit.  She’s probably the most level-headed and calm of all my current cats, but can be moody if something bugs her.  She hates it when I pick her up to move her off of me.  Outgoing and motherly.

Jinx photographed 01/19/2008

DOB:  April 2003
Jinx is quiet and reserved.  He doesn’t like a lot of attention, and I can’t make him do anything.  He normally keeps to himself and is somewhat grumpy, but seeks attention at odd moments.  He likes to bother me when I’m in the bathroom getting ready for work in the morning.  When I eat dinner he is always at my feet hoping for a morsel of people food.  As with icanhascheezburger’s happycat, he’s always hoping for a bit of juicy cheeseburger.  Whenever someone comes over to visit, however, he always hides.  Shy and independent.

Sam photographed 02/02/2008

Sam (Samael)
DOB:  April 2004
Sam is an idiot, and I mean that as affectionately as possible.  He has an expression of perpetual emptyheadedness, but is rather loving.  He tips the scales at almost 20 pounds, so it can be startling when he frequently hops on me.  He’s always the first to the food bowl in the morning, but strangely is never present when I’m eating.  If I shut a door behind me, he’s always using his bulk to push it open and gain access.  He also has this neat quirk where I can rub a spot on his spine and he licks incessantly.  Strong-willed and persistent.

Tia photographed 02/02/2008

Tia (Tiamat)
DOB:  July 2007
Named for the Babylonian goddess of chaos (and also a great gothic metal band), Tia lives up to her name.  I have never before had a cat that was such a royal bitch.  She likes attention, but if I touch her the wrong way she’ll go ballistic on me.  I’ve earned a number of scratches and bites from her wrath.  She has a penchant for sleeping on my hip when I’m in bed, and throws a fit every time I move in the night.  Loving but temperamental.

Muffin photographed 01/10/2011

DOB:  August 2009
Muffin is quite possibly the sweetest cat I’ve ever had.  She’s always affectionate and seeking attention, and almost never gets upset.  She’s also rather mischevious.  The other day I was getting my hamster some food, and I turned my back for a moment.  I turned around and she was already in the hamster cage.  Thankfully she didn’t get ahold of my little rodent, but I have the feeling she would’ve if she could’ve.  Troublesomely curious but loyal.


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