Lake St. Clair. Fishflies. Pure Michigan.

A few years ago my home state of Michigan started a new ad campaign to promote tourism.  These “Pure Michigan” commercials were narrated by long-time Michigander Tim Allen (Tim “The Toolman” Taylor of the TV series “Home Improvement” and the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the “Toy Story” movies).  These ads lead to a number of spoofs, and I think John Kerfoot has consistently created the best of them.

As a fan of insects, my favorite is the one above.  Although the insects shown are called fishflies in the video (Megaloptera:  Corydalidae:  Chauliodes) they’re actually mayflies (Ephemeroptera).  I suspect residents around Lake St. Clair must incorrectly use this common name in everyday speech (and hence the need for definitive Latin names).  Regardless, the video is pretty funny and true.  When I wrote about mayflies a few weeks ago, I mentioned that they can reach plague-like numbers in the eastern Great Lakes.  Thousands of them often blanket every surface around the shores in the spring.

FYI:  Video contains some profanity


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6 Responses to Lake St. Clair. Fishflies. Pure Michigan.

  1. As someone from Michigan, the mayflies can be terrible! Yes, I am speaking from experience.

    I think the Pure Michigan campaign is a great idea though. It’s amazing at how much our state has to offer and through Pure Michigan [the real stuff not the spoofs! (as funny as they are)] I have been able to find some hidden gems.

    ps – thanks for the mayfly mental picture! =P


  2. Jeremy Sell says:

    Glad to see another Michigander. Our state indeed has a lot to offer, and although I’ve lived here for my entire life I still have a lot to discover. The Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale are currently on my must-see list.


  3. David Sanger says:

    Yes, I realize its a spoof but consider the hexagenia (mayfly) swarms are one sign of a healthy Lake St. Clair ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem means more and larger fish in the lake and rivers which translates into $$ for fishing, tourism, boating etc. which means more jobs and greater economic benefits for all who live in SE MI.


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  5. Kristen says:

    I grew up on Lake St. Clair. They are definitely fishflies around here. Call them Mayflies and you are going to get some serious side-eye.


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