Random Plant: Yellow pond-lily

Yellow pond-lily (Nuphar lutea, Nymphaeaceae) photographed 09/17/2011 in the Beaver Marsh at Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Akron Ohio.

Although I didn’t see any beavers in the Beaver Marsh at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I did see a lot of interesting plants.  One was this yellow pond-lily (Nuphar lutea, Nymphaeaceae).  Some authorities like the USDA recognize only this one species, and treat all variations as subspecies.  Under this approach, this individual was likely N. lutea ssp. advena.  Other authorities including Brandenburg (2010) elevate the subspecies to the species level, making this plant N. advena.

Regardless of the current taxonomic disagreement, these were some rather striking aquatic plants.  The large, leathery leaves covered much of the water.  Some were floating on the surface, but most emerged just above the water on thick round stems.  Their greenery was punctuated by big and bright yellow flowers.  Since I don’t make it out to wetlands too often, these plants were a pretty cool find.

Literature cited:

Brandenburg, D.M.  2010.  National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Wildflowers of North America.  Andrew Stewart Publishing, Inc., New York, NY.


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