Mourning Doves grow up so fast


I’ve been following a family of Mourning Doves (Columbiformes: Columbidae: Zenaida macroura) for the last couple of weeks (Part 1, 2, 3) and on Friday I recorded this short video. The young squabs were still receiving regurgitated seeds from both parents, but they had grown significantly since I last saw them.

On Monday the young managed to fly from the nest and none of them have returned since. The fledglings may now be foraging around for seeds with their parents, completing their rapid growth into adulthood.


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2 Responses to Mourning Doves grow up so fast

  1. How did you ever get footage like this without disrupting the nest; the video is fantastic.


  2. Jeremy Sell says:

    One of the interesting things about Mourning Doves is that they tend to be very tolerant of humans. This family nested right above the door of a friend’s shop, and despite the people walking past and poking their heads in for a look, they never seemed stressed or afraid.


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