Bull moose foraging at Rocky Mountain National Park

I recently returned from a trip across much of Colorado, and one highlight was seeing this bull moose (Artiodactyla: Cervidae: Alces alces) at Rocky Mountain National Park. This largest member of the deer family was foraging along Trail Ridge Road in the Kawuneeche Valley. He seemed completely oblivious to the small crowd that had gathered to watch him. This was recorded on the evening of 08/05/2013 just north of Grand Lake, Colorado.


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4 Responses to Bull moose foraging at Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. navery101 says:

    It looks so healthy with a very shiny coat…though I don’t believe I have ever seen one in the wild…are they always so shiny looking?


  2. Jeremy Sell says:

    When they molt they look almost sickly.


  3. Mike Powell says:

    Congratulations on seeing the moose in the wild. When visiting my parents in Maine, I would always see the warning signs about moose, but have never seen one.


  4. Jeremy Sell says:

    I’ve been to the UP of Michigan a few times, and I’ve been to Isle Royale National Park for four days, and each time I thought for sure I would see a moose up there. Like Maine’s north woods the north woods of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota harbor many moose. On each visit I would see tracks and scat, but no animals. It was really rewarding to finally see a number of individuals including bulls, cows, and calves at Rocky Mountain. It was possibly the high point of our whole trip to Colorado.


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