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Capitol Reef National Park

Centered around a 100-mile-long (161 km) wrinkle in the earth’s crust, Capitol Reef National Park preserves a region of south-central Utah that harbors beautiful landscapes as well as fascinating geology, cultural features, animals, and plants. The geologic history of this area can be traced back to … Continue reading

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Hickman Natural Bridge at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

This brief clip captures the size of Hickman Natural Bridge at Capitol Reef National Park east of Torrey, Utah.  Recorded 04/12/2014.

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A slow start to spring

After experiencing the snowiest and fifth-coldest winter on record in southeast Michigan, it’s no surprise that many plants have been slow to emerge this spring. Today I compared the current development of my garden perennials to photos I took in March of … Continue reading

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The Worst Winter Ever is Finally Over

Here in southeast Michigan older people still talk about “The Winter of ’78.” The 1977-1978 winter season saw record-setting snowfall and at least one significant blizzard, making it one for the record books. Until now. The winter of 2013-2014 shattered many … Continue reading

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Antelope ground squirrel

Antelope ground squirrels (Rodentia: Sciuridae: Ammospermophilus spp.) are common inhabitants of the deserts of the southwest United States and northern Mexico. They can often be found in the relative safety of rocky landscapes where cover from predators is never far away. These small rodents … Continue reading

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