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This is cool you should watch it: “Virunga” on Netflix

This evening I watched a great new documentary on Netflix called “Virunga“.  While it’s centered on the beauty, wildlife and wonder of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it goes far deeper and explores the threats to … Continue reading

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North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is only three hours northeast of Seattle, but its remote location makes one of America’s least-visited national parks. Established in 1968, this federally-protected area encompasses 789 square miles (2044 square km) of mountain wilderness in the Cascade Range of … Continue reading

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This is cool you should watch it: Young elephant fights off fourteen hungry lions

From YouTube: A young elephant somehow was separated from his herd when a 14 member pride of female lions descended on the helpless animal at Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia. Clearly outnumbered, the elephant managed to bravely fend … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Indian heliotrope

Although native to southern Asia, Indian heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum, Boraginaceae) has been spread by human activity throughout the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. Long ago it was introduced to the southeastern United States, and today it thrives in this … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Morning in a Louisiana Bayou

This year my wife and I spent Halloween weekend visiting New Orleans. Although the extravagant parades, costumes, eating, drinking and celebration are outside of the scope of this nature blog, we did make a stop at a local wetland on our … Continue reading

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