Sometimes I don’t know why I still live in Michigan…


Temperature reading on February 20, 2015 near Clayton, Michigan.

The other day we got down to -24 F (-31 C) here in southeast Michigan. The actual temperature.  Not the wind chill, which probably exceeded -40 F (-40 C). I believe this is the coldest temperature I have experienced in my 38+ years.  Gotta admit, I’m not a fan. In the mere 60 seconds it took me to roll my garbage out to the road, it didn’t take long for my face to simply hurt from the cold.

Compared to last winter I guess I can’t complain.  Last year we flirted with -20 F, but even worse than the cold was the snow.  Last winter we got 85″ (216 cm), yet this year we have so far received less than half that amount.

Watching weather reports about Boston and the rest of New England has been kind of entertaining over the last few weeks.  They have received over 100″ of snow so far, and that kind of nonsense is better seen on TV than in person. The brutal northeast winter even convinced the Ithaca, NY tourism board to promote travel to Key West instead.

I just need to keep reminding myself that spring is right around the corner. Warm and sunny Michigan summer days filled with boating, fishing, camping, and hiking are almost here.


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3 Responses to Sometimes I don’t know why I still live in Michigan…

  1. YIKES!!! Your upcoming spring, warm-weather pursuits sound lovely!


  2. Yes… Here in NY, we have had the coldest Feb ever….


  3. wisreader says:

    Well, Michigan’s lucky to have you. And April’s on it’s way so, hold on!


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