Happy Fifth Anniversary

I’ve been so busy I almost missed it, but here goes…

5 years
9.8 GB of photos
686 posts
0.38 posts per day

85 mammals
73 birds
18 reptiles
10 amphibians
11 fish

275 insects
18 arachnids
3 gastropods
1 cephalopod

347 plants
99 trees

45 national parks
218 travel topics




About Jeremy Sell

Science and nature nerd.
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5 Responses to Happy Fifth Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary, Jeremy.

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  2. Mike Powell says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Jeremy. Five years is impressive and is a significant accomplishment. Thanks for sharing all of the photos and fascinating information.

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  3. Happy Anniversary! I learn a lot from your posts so thank you too!

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  4. Lucy says:

    Congrats and to many more years to come!!!

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  5. wisreader says:

    Congratulations (belatedly) and a thank you for being such a good blogging roll model / good example / and inspiration – all of that. And thanks for the stats – good to see! Best wishes for your year # 6!


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