It Will Be a White Christmas Somewhere…

With just over one more day until Christmas, it looks like the chance of snow here in southeast Michigan is zero. So far this winter has been really mild in the eastern United States. Just today it was 60 F (16 C) with scattered thunderstorms. There were even tornado warnings from Mississippi all the way up to Indiana.

I can’t complain. I’m not a big fan of snow or cold, even for Christmas. The last two winters here were pretty brutal, with temperatures as low as -24 F (-29 C) and more snow than I cared to deal with.


Wenatchee National Forest near White Pass, Washington. Photographed 11/23/2015.

That said, a little snow can be sort of pretty once in a while. While out in Washington state last month my friend and I experienced a bit up in the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier National Park. Although most roads in the park itself were closed due to heavy snow, some roads outside the park were clear for travel. We stopped in Wenatchee National Forest to take in the snow-dusted alpine beauty of the mountains, as well as an icy Clear Creek Falls:


Clear Creek Falls in Wenatchee National Forest. Photographed 11/23/2015 near White Pass, Washington.

Ironically the only snow we’ve had in Michigan this winter occurred when we were out in Washington. According to my wife we got over six inches (15 cm) but by the time I got back home it was mostly melted. It looks like the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, and other mountainous areas of the west are getting quite a bit of much-needed snow, however. Christmas will be all the merrier for them this year.


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3 Responses to It Will Be a White Christmas Somewhere…

  1. Looks very beautiful. Let’s hope there is a white Christmas somewhere!

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  2. We got a lot of snow here in Mesa Verde! To be honest though, I’m real tired of shoveling. 🙂

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