Happy Sixth Anniversary

6 years
11.7 GB of photos
745 posts
0.34 posts per day

95 mammals
86 birds
18 reptiles
10 amphibians
12 fish

288 insects
18 arachnids
3 gastropods
1 cephalopod

362 plants
106 trees

48 of 50 US states
8 countries
47 of 59 national parks in the United States
3 other national parks in Taiwan, Spain, and Canada
262 travel topics



Gotta be honest…after doing this for six years it has only become more and more difficult to find new things to photograph and write about. I keep hitting these stretches of a month or two where I’m just not feeling it any more.  Although I know I’ve only seen a fraction of the organisms and places on earth, there are times when I just keep seeing the same old stuff day after day.  Then one day I come across something crazy and different, and I get a new sense of enthusiasm. If new posts continue to be sporadic in the future, this is why.


About Jeremy Sell

Science and nature nerd.
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One Response to Happy Sixth Anniversary

  1. Congratulations. Impressive stats. I know how it feels some days harder than others, but I like the pressure and looking at the work of others like you. Hope you stay.

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