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Brown anole

Native to Cuba and the Bahamas, brown anoles (Squamata: Polychrotidae: Anolis sagrei) were introduced to Florida in the 1970s.  Since then they have proven to be highly invasive, quickly becoming one of the most common lizards in the state. Living close … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Bushy seaside oxeye

Last week I came across quite a few of these bushy seaside oxeyes (Borrichia frutescens, Asteraceae) at Biscayne National Park.  Their tolerance to salt allows them to grow along the Florida coast rather than inland.  They’re also found elsewhere along the … Continue reading

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Biscayne National Park: Convoy Point

Biscayne National Park encompasses Biscayne Bay and many islands and shores just south of Miami, Florida.  To really enjoy the park it’s necessary to book a boat and go snorkeling or scuba diving.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time in my … Continue reading

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