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Random Fungi: Turkey Tails and Kin

One of the most common forest fungi in North America is the turkey tail (Polyporales: Polyporaceae: Trametes versicolor). Found year-round on decaying hardwood trees and sometimes conifers, this mushroom gets its common name from its colorful, fan-like similarity to the tail of … Continue reading

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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

While many woodpecker species hammer their beaks against trees to get at the insects inside, some are after a different food source. Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (Piciformes: Picidae: Sphyrapicus varius), like other sapsuckers, feed predominantly on the sugary juices of the trees themselves. Although known to … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Wild blue phlox

Wild blue phlox (Phlox divaricata, Polemoniaceae) can often be seen flowering in the spring in the woodlands of eastern North America. From March through May these spring ephemerals take advantage of abundant early season sunshine, growing and completing reproduction before most … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Azure bluet

Inhabiting deciduous woodlands and moist meadows, azure bluet (Houstonia caerulea, Rubiaceae) can be found throughout much of eastern North America. While the small basal leaves aren’t obvious, the small but bright blue-and-yellow flowers definitely are. These four-parted flowers typically grow in … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Rue anemone

As a spring ephemeral, rue anemone (Thalictrum thalictroides, Ranunculaceae) flowers from March to June. This perennial buttercup takes advantage of thin leaf cover in the forest canopy early in the season, completing flowering, pollination, and reproduction before most trees have even leafed out. … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Large-flower bellwort

Native throughout most of eastern North America, large-flower bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora, Liliaceae) is typically found in damp and lightly-shaded floodplains, woodlands, ravines, and clearings. This perennial grows to 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) but the thin stems often lead to a “nodding” stature. … Continue reading

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American Redstart

All American Redstarts (Passeriformes: Parulidae: Setophaga ruticilla) feature contrasting light and dark plumage, but breeding males are the most strikingly-colored. They sport bright orange patches down the sides of their black wings and tails, with white feathers on their bellies. Redstarts use their … Continue reading

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