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Big Bend National Park: Day 1

Situated along the Rio Grande in west Texas, Big Bend National Park is one of America’s largest yet least-visited national parks. Covering over 1200 square miles (3100 square kilometers) of the remote Chihuahuan Desert, this isolated corner of the country … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Texas madrone

Clinging to life in the arid Chihuahuan Desert, Texas madrone (Arbutus texana or A. xalapensis var. texana, Ericaceae) is a native of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. These trees survive in pockets of relative shade and moisture along canyons and … Continue reading

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I most often encounter pronghorn (Artiodactyla: Antilocapridae: Antilocapra americana) in the grasslands of the western Great Plains.¬†As the fastest land animal in North America, the pronghorn is well-suited to open areas of the North American west. Reaching speeds of 50-60 … Continue reading

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