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Obligatory St. Patrick’s Day Post

I’m not remotely Irish (mostly French and German) but I can always get behind a little cultural festivity. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are a few nature photos for the holiday courtesy of recent visits to Olympic National Park and Yellowstone … Continue reading

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It Will Be a White Christmas Somewhere…

With just over one more day until Christmas, it looks like the chance of snow here in southeast Michigan is zero. So far this winter has been really mild in the eastern United States. Just today it was 60 F … Continue reading

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Waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge

Forming much of the border between Oregon and Washington, the Columbia River bisects the volcanic rocks of the Cascade Range. Over the last 12-17 million years the volcanoes of the Cascades have built themselves skyward while the relentless erosive action … Continue reading

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Crater Lake National Park

Around 7700 years ago the Oregon volcano known as Mount Mazama exploded in one of the most devastating eruptions known to man. Blasting about 3000 feet (914 m) of material from its summit, the ash fell as far as western Wyoming … Continue reading

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Olympic National Park

It seems impossible to summarize the diversity of Olympic National Park in one photo. Spanning over 1441 square miles (3732 square km) in northwestern Washington, this park encompasses some of the most varied terrain in the entire US National Park … Continue reading

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Palouse Falls State Park, Washington

Located in southeast Washington, Palouse Falls State Park protects a small but scenic and geologically interesting location. Here the Palouse River has gradually carved its way through hard, thick beds of volcanic basalt. The slow but steady action of river downcutting has lead to the … Continue reading

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North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is only three hours northeast of Seattle, but its remote location makes one of America’s least-visited national parks. Established in 1968, this federally-protected area encompasses 789 square miles (2044 square km) of mountain wilderness in the Cascade Range of … Continue reading

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