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Mesa Verde National Park

Spanning over 80 square miles (207 square km) of mesas, cliffs, and canyons in southwest Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park protects the largest, densest collection of Native American archaeological sites in the United States. Over 5,000 sites have been discovered to … Continue reading

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Calling Attention to the World’s Deadliest Animal

This week Microsoft founder-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates has called attention to the world’s deadliest animal, and what can be done to reduce its impact on humans. Although many people are fearful of big pointy-toothed predators like sharks, wolves, lions, crocodiles, and snakes, mosquitoes … Continue reading

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Random Plant: Cleftleaf wildheliotrope

Flowering from April through June, cleftleaf wildheliotrope (Phacelia crenulata, Hydrophyllaceae) can be found in desert shrublands and pinyon-juniper woodlands throughout the American southwest. The leaves of this plant are dark green, oblong, wavy, and lobed. They’re largest near the base … Continue reading

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Canyonlands National Park

A large, maze-like wilderness of rocky mesas, cliffs, canyons, and rivers, Canyonlands National Park protects an amazing region of southeast Utah. Established in 1964, this park features breathtaking views, imposing landscapes, a fascinating range of geologic features, as well as a variety of … Continue reading

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Random Insect: Tiger moth larva

Last week I found a number of these tiger moth larvae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae) crawling around on the ground at Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado. They were at an elevation of about 7000 feet in a pinion-juniper woodland … Continue reading

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Mountain Bluebird

While traveling across southern Utah last week my wife and I kept seeing momentary flickers of blue from some unknown bird. On our final day at Arches National Park we finally got a clear view of one of them. An … Continue reading

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Bryce Canyon National Park

A wonderland of fiery rock formations mixed with rich evergreen forests and meadows, Bryce Canyon National Park preserves some truly amazing natural features in southern Utah. First protected in 1923, this park is perhaps best known for having one of the largest … Continue reading

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